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Apprenticeship Criteria

The Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management has prepared the following information for applicants who are considering completing a Cookery Apprenticeship.

How do I qualify for an Apprenticeship?

To gain access to an apprenticeship specific criteria must be met. For example apprentices must be over 15 years of age and be an Australian citizen. Apprenticeships also require that you have completed year 10 (as a standard) and do not already hold a certificate of equal or higher qualification. For full details on eligibility the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network >> ATSN or a New Apprenticeship Centre >> NAC should be contacted or consulted.

Apprenticeships are covered by a Training Contract that is a legally binding agreement between an employer and apprentice.  It outlines the obligations both parties have to comply with in order to undertake training.

Complete details about specific obligations can be found on the WA Apprenticeships website or by contacting the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network (ATSN).

Once employed as an apprentice then a Training Contract must be completed and lodged with the ATSN.  Probationary periods for apprentices do apply but is included in the training period. The training contract also requires a Training Plan Outline (TPO) that is negotiated with the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management. This TPO outlines the units of competency that form the structured on- and off-the-job training which will be trained and assessed throughout the training period by both employer and the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is a full-time employment based training program that provides an opportunity to learn all aspects of a trade. Apprentices are contracted to an employer for a fixed period of time (in many cases four years) during which they learn all about a trade. The training combines practical experience at work with complementary training off-the-job with a Registered Training Organisation.

There are many apprenticeships to choose from and all lead to becoming a qualified tradesperson, a list of apprenticeships currently available can be accessed at Apprenticeships Available.

What are an apprentices obligations?
An apprentice is obliged to:

* apply themselves to their on-the-job training and make every effort to learn the trade and attain the skills of a qualified tradesperson;
* apply themselves to the off-the-job training, remembering that attendance is compulsory and satisfactory completion is a requirement for the issuing of a Trade Certificate; and
* cooperate with the employer in order to achieve the desired training outcomes.

Is the probation period included in the term of apprenticeship?
* Yes - the three month probationary period is included in the term of the apprenticeship.

What school results do I need to have?
Most apprenticeships and traineeships require basic numeracy and literacy skills. Completion of Year 10 is usually the required standard, however, an interest or flair for the particular industry is also a major consideration. Employers may ask for some additional criteria eg: some previous training, higher level of schooling.

The most important thing is to make sure that you can cope with the course.

There are also options available if you need assistance eg: remedial training, literacy & numeracy training, support & assistance from your employer.

For information on available assistance contact the WA Training Information Centre on (08) 9325 9322 or 1800 999 167 or visit the WA Training Info Centre Website.

Can I obtain a copy of my Trade Certificate?
If you've lost your original Trade Certificate, you can only apply for an Extract of Service. To obtain this form contact the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network.

A copy of a Trade Certificate is only issued to a tradesperson if the original document was never received, stolen or destroyed in a disaster. To obtain a copy, outline the details in a Statutory Declaration (available from Post Offices). Once completed forward the form to the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network, Locked Bag 145, Leederville WA 6903.

Who pays the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management tuition fees - The employer of the apprentice?
The apprentice is responsible for payment of tuition fees. However employers may choose to pay the fees for their apprentice.

Who pays for my tools?
For some apprenticeships, your employer must provide you with tools. To find out which apprenticeships require your employer to supply you with tools contact the Wageline on 1300 655 266 or visit the Wagenet Website.

What rates of pay apply to apprenticeships?
Apprentices receive wages according to what type of industry they are working in, and according to the year of the apprenticeship. Wages and conditions are regulated by industry awards.

Details of rates applicable are available from the Wageline on
Phone: 1300 655 266 or visit the Wagenet Website.

How are apprentices recruited?
Recruitement can occur through a number of avenues which are available to both prospective apprentices and trainees and employers:

1. Local Job Networks
2. Group Training Schemes
3. Secondary school career advisors
4. Recruitment advertisements in the newspapers
5. Recruitment advertisements in internet employment sites (visit our useful Links)
6. Work Experience
7. Word of Mouth
8. The direct approach, where a prospective apprentice or trainee contacts a business directly

Why become an Apprentice?
* Kick Start Your Career
Career wise there’s room to move up and an apprenticeship or traineeship helps you get your foot in the door.
* Earn While You Learn
An apprentice or trainee makes real money while they learn.
* Do Interesting And Varied Work
There are over 250 different apprenticeships and traineeships to choose from.
* Learn On And Off The Job
Learn new skills by working and training on the job and off the job with a registered training organisation.
* Gain Qualifications
You can get a nationally recognised industry qualification which can give you an edge in the employment market.

Where do I go if I have any problems or questions during my apprenticeship?
You have a number of options, depending on what the problem is.
If the concern is:

* about the training contract or a disputes with your employer - contact the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network
* about wages or award conditions - contact the Wageline on
Phone 1300 655 266 or visit the Wagenet Website
* about the training being delivered - contact the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management.

What is the anniversary date of an apprenticeship?
The anniversary date is the date the apprenticeship commenced, as noted on the Probationary Employment Application. If in doubt, contact your allocated Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network Support Officer.

How to be marketable
You can do a number of things including:

* undertake work experience
* see if there are any pre-apprenticeship options (eg TAFE courses) which will not only give you credit in an apprenticeship or
* traineeship, but will let you know if you’re choosing the right career
* put together a resume

Awards and Competitions - Training Awards
Each year the Western Australian Apprentice of the Year and Trainee of the Year is selected, based on outstanding achievements in both on and off-the-job training. The recipients receive a study grant, an air ticket and represents WA in the Australian Training Awards.

To be eligible apprentices and trainees must be registered with the Department of Education and Training and in their final year of training at the time of application.

For further information contact Community Relations, Department of Education and Training on (08) 9235 6222 or visit the Departments Excellence Awards Website.



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