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Employers play a significant part in the training of apprentices. They are expected to provide the necessary time off work to attend and complete the relevant "off-the-job" training, ensure that the apprentice receives on-the-job training and assessment as well as complying with the relevant terms and conditions of employment.

To assist with apprenticeship training a range of government incentives and subsidies are offered to employers such as payroll exemption and commencement and completion incentives. 

Why Employ an Apprentice or Trainee?
Apprenticeships and traineeships produce a more productive worker who is familiar with your business and trained for your industry.
Benefits are:

* a better trained, more versatile and multi-skilled worker
* flexible training arrangements
* industry support
* control over recruitment process
* employing the person of your choice
* financial incentives from the Government
* possible Priority Access registration

What are the Employers Obligations?


An employer is obliged to provide the apprentice with:

* employment and training for the duration of the apprenticeship and every opportunity to learn the skills of the trade;
* necessary time off work to attend and complete the relevant off-the-job training;
* a working environment and conditions which contribute to the learning of the trade; and
* appropriate industrial relation provisions.


An employer of a trainee is obliged to:

* ensure the trainee receives appropriate training, in a supportive work environment, to develop all the competencies specified in the Training Program Outline;
* ensure a competent person will supervise the trainee at all times;
* provide appropriate facilities to train the trainee;
* release the trainee to undertake off-the-job training when required;
* ensure the trainee has a likelihood of ongoing, stable employment for the nominal period of training; and
* appropriate industrial relation provisions.

Part-time Trainees

Additionally, if a trainee is not employed full-time, the employer must ensure the trainee:

* is employed for a minimum of 20 hours per week (except School-Based Traineeships);
* has regular and stable hours of work each week, to allow training to occur; and
* has the same conflict resolution, disciplinary and dismissal procedures as a full-time employee.

The training record book
The purpose of a training record book is to record the progress and achievement of competencies agreed to in the Training Program Outline (TPO). It enables regular feedback between the employer, apprentice/trainee and RTO, and it provides evidence that the competencies required for the qualification have been achieved, encompassing all relevant off- the-job training and structured workplace learning.

The RTO must provide a training record book to the apprentice/trainee within four weeks of signing the TPO. The apprentice/trainee uses the training record book to regularly discuss progress with both the employer/supervisor and the RTO, and must keep the training record book in their possession except where it is required by the RTO or employer for perusal or for updating the record.

The training record book must be updated at least quarterly by the RTO and employer.


Obligations under the training contract
The Apprenticeship Probationary Application/Traineeship Training Contract are legally binding agreements between an employer and an apprentice or trainee. It outlines the obligations you have to your apprentice or trainee.

Once an employer and apprentice or trainee have entered into a APA or Training Contract, they must negotiate a training plan with a registered training organisation (RTO). This plan details the training required to achieve a qualification.

The training contract also stipulates that the employer must:

* employ and train the apprentice or trainee as agreed in the training plan
* provide appropriate facilities and expertise to assist in the training stipulated in the training plan
* ensure the apprentice or trainee receives on-the-job training and assessment in accordance with the requirements of the training plan
* ensure that the apprentice or trainee has a competent supervisor in the workplace
* release the apprentice or trainee to attend any off-the-job training and assessment in accordance with the requirements of the training plan
* work with the assistance of the RTO and the apprentice or trainee to ensure that the training plan is complied with, and that training records are kept up to date and progress monitored and reviewed.

The employer must forward the completed training contract or APA to the New Apprenticeships Centre (NAC) for submission to the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Support Network (ATSN).

The employer must also notify the ATSN and RTO within five normal working days if the training contract has become jeopardised or broken.

The ATSN can be contacted at
Locked Bag 145
Leederville WA 6903
Phone: (08) 9229 5450


Other employer obligations include the provisions of:
* the relevant wages and conditions to the apprentice or trainee
* providing a safe working environment
* complying with relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation related to the workplace, discrimination and equal opportunity.

The apprentice or trainee is entitled to the same employment conditions as other employees.

Employment conditions
As an employer you must provide your apprentice or trainee with:

* every opportunity to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge of the trade or traineeship
* access to structured on and/or off-the-job training
* time off work to attend training when necessary
* a safe working environment
* a work environment free from any form of harassment
* other benefits specified in the training agreement or industrial arrangement (e.g. a tool allowance)
* a clear understanding of your work expectations and of their responsibilities in undertaking the training.


Employee Entitlements
The conditions of employment for apprentices and trainees are the same as for other employees working in similar occupations.

The apprentice is therefore eligible to receive the same entitlements as full-time employees which include:

* leave (sick leave, annual leave, parental leave, bereavement leave)
* allowances (tool allowance, uniform or laundry allowance, travel allowance) as set out in the relevant legislation, industrial award or workplace agreement
* employer superannuation contributions
* worker’s compensation
* fair treatment by employer and other staff
* being covered by State legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 which deals with safety in the workplace or the Anti-Discrimination Act 1997, that prohibits discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Wages and awards
Apprentices must be employed under an Award or other appropriate industrial relations arrangements. Apprenticeship wages will vary according to industry and year of training. For more information visit Wageline.

You are obliged to make the wages and conditions of employment clear to your apprentice prior to employment.

Financial Incentives and Assistance
To assist with apprenticeship training, a range of Commonwealth Government incentives and subsidies are available to employers. For information on how to access these incentives and the full range of incentives available, contact a New Apprenticeships Centre (WA Metro area) or (WA Regional area). A list of New Apprenticeship Centres is provided as a link below:

* New Apprenticeship Centres - Western Australian Metro Area
* New Apprenticeship Centres - Western Australian Regional Area


Payroll Tax Exemption
Employers are exempt from Payroll Tax in respect to all apprentices and trainees. For further information contact the Department of State Revenue on 9262 1300.

Selecting the Appropriate Apprenticeship for Your Business
Apprenticeships and traineeships are now available in more than 500 occupations nationally in both emerging and established industries. In Hospitality the following apprenticeships are available:

• Baking (Combined)
• Breadmaking
• Cook/Chef
• General Butchering
• Pastrycooking

Your business needs could range from:

* improving the quality of your products or services
* increasing productivity
* decreasing running costs and wastage
* ensuring future skills required by your business.

As apprentice and trainee placements are flexible and allow for various combinations of competency units to achieve the same qualification, understanding your needs ensures that you choose training that is right for your business.


Make use of the assistance available to you
Staff at the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management can:

* help you choose the right training
* customise training to suit your needs
* conduct a skills assessment of each apprentice
* provide workplace support to you and your apprentice

The Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management has an excellent reputation amongst industry and all major employers for the quality of training and the numbers of apprentices we provide.

Under the policy of User Choice, you are in a position to negotiate with the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management. Together you can decide when and how the training takes place.

You can also contact your local New Apprenticeship Centre for assistance.

* New Apprenticeship Centres - Western Australian Metro Area
* New Apprenticeship Centres - Western Australian Regional Area


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