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Corporate Traineeships and a graduates perspective...

Wei Li
I recently went to Kuala Lumpur for the third and final stage of a job interview with the Hilton International. The Hilton’s Elevator Programme is the most advanced and prestigious management traineeship on offer. Unfortunately, I did not meet all the criteria of the programme. However, I strongly believe it is important to share my experience with fellow students who wish to pursue their careers in hotel management via a corporate traineeship path.

The Assessment Centre set up at Petaling Jaya Hilton in Kuala Lumpur aim to discover if the finalists have outstanding qualities to be selected onto this elite programme. The standards for entry are extremely high and candidates are tested over 24 hrs period. My experience at the assessment centre tells me that to successfully get through the assessment centre, one must prepare him/herself for that day.

Preparation is not only about contacting local Hilton Hotels on the details of the Elevator Programme and criteria assessed. More importantly, preparation must begin during your study. My fellow students, ASTHM has a very high standard and quality of education, especially the bachelor degree offered in conjunction with SCU. The Elevator assessment focuses on case studies, group discussion and presentations. These tasks were exactly what we practiced in classes. I believe for any student who is desperately wants to join such a management traineeship, one must prepare him/herself by setting high standards for themselves throughout their studies and take every opportunity in class to develop his/her potential to the maximum.

The practical experience you gain from the internships in each semester is also very important. I am convinced that if I had worked in a 5 star hotel environment throughout my internship placements, it would definitely have given me a better chance of meeting all selection criteria.

Only a handful of graduates from Australia have ever made it to the Elevator Programme, Would the next person be you? I believe with extremely good preparation starting with your academic studies, practical experience from within an international hotel and a strong self belief and motivation, this will take you to the Elevator and send you to the top in no time.

Good Luck!
Wei Li
Bachelor of Business in Hotel and Catering Management